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A confused and tormented young man (known only as "The Patient") must relive painful dreams and nightmares on a daily basis. The Patient's "treatment" is overseen by a mysterious and sadistic doctor who is not only forcing these total recall sessions on The Patient, but also testing a mind expanding drug on him called "Psychotropica". As the Patient continues to dive deeper and deeper into the wilds of his subconscious mind he comes to realize many horrible truths and shocking twists.
A confused and tormented young man (known only as "The Patient") relates his dreams and memories to a mysterious and sadistic doctor. As The Patient dives deeper into his mental landscape he discovers a shocking truth.
Lord Sage the Master behind this epic trip made a gripping tale that is visually unique in its brilliance and the music present here and quick cutting for intensity will leave you yearning for more. It's an interesting journey into one troubled mans mind that has flashbacks and imaginations that are expertly handled with a 'colored over' quality that makes this stand out amongst other independent productions. It looks like it had money behind it, yet amazingly it was made with zero budget. Great acting, very sexual and inventive with its violence. I highly recommend you see it High or sober. You'll be mesmerised. I can't wait to see what LORD SAGE makes next. 'Blue Nights' I hear is just around the corner. Look out for it, I WILL.
I should start by saying I know Damien Sage so this review might be slightly biased. Psychotropica (2009) is a great film. A little hard for me to understand in parts because I am only 20. It is an amazing visual experience full of interesting messages about life and how screwed up someone can become due to the influences of others. My favorite scene was the 80's horror movie inspired scene. Without giving much away it made me laugh and was very amusing. Much of the film made me laugh but there are some disturbing parts. This film is not for children. Overall I loved this film and would recommend it to anyone over the age of 18. - Matt.

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