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A Corphish Out Of Water Full Movie With English Subtitles Online Download > DOWNLOAD

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Corphish is a welcome new member of Ash's team, but it's so boisterous that it can be a problem, like when it eats Wurmple's food or hugs May just a bit too hard. Corphish makes itself sick by eating some rope it found on the beach. Ash has forgotten his Poké Balls, so he has to carry Corphish on his back over a mountain and through Carvanha-infested waters to the nearest Pokémon Center. In the meantime, Ash's friends and Team Rocket all manage to get caught in one of Team Rocket's traps–and the tide is coming in! Brock sends Taillow to Ash with an SOS. Ash speeds to the rescue, and Corphish frees everyone from the traps. After that, May doesn't mind Corphish's over-enthusiastic hugs anymore.

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